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Online Contortion Courses

(6 weeks courses, 1 class a week)


BENDS & NEEDLES 1'5h Thurdays at 6pm: 

On the first part of this class I’ll be sharing with you the main exercises that made me as bendy as I am today starting from a very basic point. It will be a class with a wide variety of exercises to increase your flexibility in legs and back. With this exercises you will know my technique to improve your flexibility without injure yourself.

On the second part, once our body is very warm, we will do needle scales. The practice of needle scales require legs and back flexibility that we have worked in the first part of the class, but needle scales require also balance. I'll be sharing with you different techniques for all the needle scales variation. All in a safe way preventing injuries. 


On Tuesdays morning we work in having more control of our range of movement. Most of the time people can get in splits but only when gravity is helping them, and that is ok, it is the first step but being able to hold it in any circumstances is what we will work on this class. 


People in general straggle to improve in middle splits. The main reason is because they don't work with the right alignment. I made this mistake too until I found the right technique that I will share with you in this course. This is a flexibility class with a different approach, with a wide variety of exercises where you will find the right spot for you to improve your box splits.  

*Online courses are 6 classes running for 6 weeks. Don't mind the system if it says 9 weeks or 10 sessions ;-)