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Wellcome to my Back Bends Course. In this 6 classes I share with you all those exercises that helped me to be a contortionist starting in my late 30's and not having a naturally bendy body. We do that key exercises in every class but each class is dedicated to a specific move so you work in different balances and ways to bend your back. We also practice splits in each class so you can progress on that too. 


Once you buy the course you will receive an email with the links for the 6 classes included and you can do it at your own time. You can do it over and over or if there is a specific move you want to achieve you can repeat this class  as much as you want until you achieve that goal. 


I will always be here if you need any support, or if you want me to correct you in any of the exercises. You can always contact me by email or send me a little video or picture on IG.  

                            Enjoy the course


What is this course about. What do you need. When and where. My feed backs


class 1

The importance of a mindful warm up. The basics of contortion.

class 2

Bridge, a signature contortion move. Different variations and entries  for all levels

class 3

Elbow balances masterclass. The basics and progressions to elbow bridges and elbow stands for advance.


class 4

How to do contortion handstands. The difference with the gymnastic one and advance adjustments.


class 5

Chinstands. Getting your body ready. Where to start and different variations for advance levels

class 6

A revue of all the knowledge  by the practice of it. 

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