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My unique technique to approaching middle splits will help you to improve quickly and in a healthy way. This is a course for everyone, but especially for those who feel that they have been stuck at a certain point without improving. This course focuses on the right alignment for box splits and on important hip adjustments. You can spend years practicing box splits, but if your alignment is wrong, you will be unlikely to progress and you will probably end up injuring yourself!


This course is comprised of 6 classes of  1-hour duration each, with a wide variety of exercises for that will take your box splits to the next level. 


Once you buy the course, it is all yours. You can do the course over and over again until you achieve your desired goal. Also, always keep in mind the appropriate recovery time for best results (I will explain this further in the intro video).


I will always be here if you need any support or if you want me to correct you in any of the exercises. You can always contact me by email or send me a little video or picture on IG.


Adrian AC

                            Enjoy the course



What this course is about. What you need. Feed backs


class 1

let me tell you about alignment and adjustments

class 2

In class 2 I will be teaching the many ways we can use the wall to help our box splits

class 3

Apart from our regular middle splits exercises we will get creative using a chair

class 4

Get to trick your body getting deeper in your middle splits while in elbows or handstands

class 5

In this class we will work in active flexibility for middle splits

class 6

Finishigh the course with some advance exercises  but of course with a progression.   

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