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Wellcome to the 12h In-Studio Contortion Courses.

This Courses are taking place on Sundays from 2:30pm till 4:30pm at The Lodge Space in Surrey Quays. 

In this 6 classes I will share with you those exercises that helped me to become a contortionist starting in my late 30's without having a bendy body by nature and not injuring myself.

This Course is for all levels and its tailored to each student. Each class is dedicated to a specific move or type of flexibility so you will practice different ways tdevelop your bendinessWe will start all together doing a warm up, then individually I'll be adjusting your body and helping you with your alignment for the main move to work on so you will learn how to get your body into extreme 

positions without injuring it. We will be practicing splits and back bends in each class. All you need to activate your body and help it to increase its range of movement in full.

The Lodge Space is at 120 Lower Road, London, SE16 2UB. It is very well located in between 2 stations: 3 mins walk from Canada Water Tube Station and 2 mins walk from Surrey Quays Overground Station. It faces the beautiful Southwark Park, it has a wonderful coffee shop with healthy delicious food and the energy in the place is very beautiful. I am sure you will love it to.

Lets ge bendy. 


                     See you in the  studio


class 1


  • Mindfulness.

  • General approach to contortion. 

  • Alignment and adjustments.

  • How to take your body to the extreme in a healthy way.


class 2


The 3 golden contortion moves: 

  • Bridge. 

  • Elbowbridge. 

  • Chinstand.  


class 3


Bendy stands:

  • Handstands. 

  • Elbow stands. 

  • Chinstands 


class 4


Active flexibility:  

  • Learning how to use our flexibility when gravity is not helping. 

  • An intense work out for legs and back 


class 5


Needle Scales:

(as many as we can get done)

  • lunge

  • pigeon

  • free standing

  • chest stand

  • splits

  • ...



class 6


  •  A revue of all the knowledge  

  • How to make a contortion routine

  • Q & A

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